We have met the enemy. Are they are our own children?

      How many Jonesboros, how many Springfields, how many Heath High 
Schools, how many Columbine High Schools will it take before we recog-
nize that we have abandoned our children at the doors of our public 
schools across the country?

      This country has truly left its children aside, or behind, or
out of mind, until one or more of them reacts with startling violence 
to remind us...they will not be forgotten -- not without memories that 
scar survivors and parents -- to remind us that each person (so our 
Constitution says) is important, that each individual life, and 
pursuit of happiness within (so our Constitution says) is valuable.

      How do we address the epidemic of violence (a phrase our Pres-
ident was loathe to admit) that is sweeping out country? We seem so 
willing to send cruise missiles on virtually blind missions to kill
terrorists in foreign countries (costing billions of dollars per 
launch), and so unwilling to spend a few millions to save children at
risk in our own country. What does this say about us as a culture?