A 'Frayed IV

 The dress was a light pink muslin, that danced easily around her
ankles,  barely covering the top laces of the brown high top shoes. Thin
leather and dainty, with silver eyelet holes, they added a sense of old
fashioned purity to her birthday  dress. Her hair, tied back in a pink
framed her green jewled eyes and soft rose lips. She didn't move when
she felt the carress of the wing along her bare arm. It was a faint but
firm touch...like one finger trailing, seductively along the flesh of a
waiting virgin, knowing the youth wanted to be taken.  Nikki still
didn't move, when the other wing slipped around her, now holding her
firmly so that she might see what was happening to her. "You are very
beautiful little girl," said a warm voice. And she closed her eyes as
she felt hot breath on her neck, the sense of a wet tongue along the top
of her back, lifting her hair. 
        "I don't want you to do this," Nikki whispered. "Please. I'm just a
little girl." And big drops of tears, like those that flooded the room
for Lewis Carroll's Alice began to cover the pink dress, the shoes, the
        "Stop crying Nikki," the voice said. "I won't hurt you.. Stop crying."
And Nikki felt herself being lifted...her dress being lifted....she and
the dress being layed on the tear filled floor..."I won't hurt you. I
will be gentle with you. I won't be like all those others who hurt you.
        "You will...you will...you will..." she quietly sobbed, letting her
body go limp with anticipated surrender. 
           "Nooooo...." the voice, hot against her ear whispered. "I am
not like all the others. They don't love you.....I dooooooooo....I
dooooooo.....I will take care of you. I will protect you. I will not let
any harm come to you. You know that.. You know I would never hurt you. "
The voice was now familar. Whose voice?
        She opened her eyes. He smiled at her.  It was Doug. Good, gentle Doug
who wanted to take care of her. She smiled.  Doug had wings? She
laughed. Was she drunk?Or sober? She laughed in relief. How had she
missed Doug's wings? Of course...of course...what other explanation
could there be....Dear sweet Doug is an angel...yes...that is it!...Doug
is an angel..."
    So she didn't mind when the Demon kissed her tiny breasts, or when
he  pulled down her lace panties, and much to his delight, she didn't
seem to mind his serpant tongue exploring the wonderful dark opening of
her tender maidenhood...it wasn't until ( and then it was far too late) 
when he plunged himself into her, that she screamed...