~~ Further Photos of the Farrar Clan~~

Pardon the overly apparent alliteration -- it was unintended. The point of this page is to provide poetic images for a family, and their friends. -- David 1/25/03

~~ my daughter... Chela (pronounced Shay-la)

This, as the title says, is my daughter, Chela. She is the daughter of Penelope Norton, ne' Pease/or Peace... I'm not sure what the original birth certificate says... particularly because the original document seems to be missing. Anyway -- she's my daughter, my eldest, born Dec. 23, 1969. I love her, and I believe she loves me, though we've had one helluva time keeping in touch with each other. 1/25/03

~~ Yep... it's me 'n' my daughter, again... ~~

Yes... this picture was taken in the same driveway, on the same day as the previous picture. Chela's "detached demeanor" may be a comment on the entire silly pose, and general ambience of the moment. DSF -- 1/25/03