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     This is the second page of the "Cosmic Dance" gallery -- see 
dedication, etc. on first page. The opening graphic is a type of 
symbol (though each version is a definite variation on the theme, as
RJ Wing will no doubt notice, when she sees this page :-) ). 

     The next graphic in fact, is her work...titled "Touch" --

...and a quick cosmic note,
here -- Sky loved it! :-)

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4.8.2000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

later... he wrote...

in warm waves of satin water...


fire and ice...

beneath the soft surface like drops of blue sky 

are the dimensions of rippling...  glowing ... moist canyons...

and the column of pearl drops... glistening against the soft mounds, 

and petals of silky skin...


where they meet...

to plunge deeper... 

where they merge ...

to join... 

I make love to you...and you to me...

DSF -- 4.9.2000


she replied:

I am loved by a poet
the world is filled with figurative language
of every emotion
and form
verse after verse after verse after verse
he lives sensuosly

moonlight, sunshine, stars
the moist  dew drops of inner thighs
no texture goes untouched
I  breathe in his poems
as he whispers them against my lips
 love sonnets

Shakespeare in love
or a beat jazz poem
 he moves
along my body
with hands, with lips, with tongue
creating  patterns and rhythm 
free verse or
and I respond

Oh how the flower petals open to his cries
metaphor for my own
arched back I ride
the stallion 
bareback ,a short haired Godiva
it doesn't matter
for my breasts
still move with the wind
and he clasps them
seeking with his felt tipped tongue
to bend me to him to write love notes
across smooth nipples

There is no hyperbole in this universe or beyond
to express what I feel
being loved by a poet
the best I can do
if write this poem

RJW -- 4.9.2000

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  last image "Fire and Ice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                          by Sky  4.9.2000


     The juxtaposition of these images, is, by the way, no accident.
Here is loved expressed boldly... and with reverence. Our love is
mutual, freely given to one another... and freely shared. This is not
some fierce conceit. It is, rather, a humble acknowledgement of the 
blessing we find in love-making. It is acknowledgement of the reality
of magic in love-making. The Celts understood, didn't they, mon chere?


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