The Last Part of the "Posing" series

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~~ Rain in the Canyon ~~

      They had both decided to use the south-west as their "studio."
Even that terminology would be become laughable, later...but fairly 

      He lived in Cougar River, Colorado. It was a dot on any map. The
population hovered around 200 people, give or take...any given year.
It was a truck-stop near Durango, and was simply too far away from any
"predicatable source of income" to attract money, beyond the truckers
themselves. He was able to live there because he had been injured, and
was declared permanently dis-abled to an accident while working on an 
inter-state highway. It gave him a little income, plus insurance 
benefits...and it didn't tie him down to a specific location for 

     Renny had met him at Western State College, in Gunnison. He was
taking courses for lack of anything else to do. She was student teach-
ing back east, in Chicago, but wanted to spend some time skiing. 
He liked to draw...and he loved to photo-graph. 

     He discovered, much to his surprise (and sometimes aggravation)
that people who truly felt confident, and liked to pose (whether they
were truly photogenic, or not) flocked to him because he was a daring
photographer, for that part of the "real west." In other words, he had
his own studio, developed his own film, and he was discreet about his
work. He liked to do nudes (particularly of women...but sometimes of
men and women). 

     He had been able to sell quite a few of his works through an 
"on-line gallery" on the net. That's where Renny had discovered him,
so to speak, and had written, two years ago...that she wanted to model
for him.

     Now...he was beginning to take himself seriously as a photograph-
er...and he was certain he'd found the "perfect model" in Renny. And
to add to that...he was finding her more and more appealing as a 
"partner" -- a term he seldom used. 

     The plan was to take his 4X Maxda truck, a pop-up camper, and 
some tech-stuff like "mini-darkroom" equipment, a lap-top computer,
and his best cameras...into the desert...the "Four Corners Area." He 
was vaguely familiar with it (had driven through it, several times),
and he knew a number of places where they could do some real out-door
nude photography.

     Neither of them could have imagined what would happen. They 
couldn't have. No one could.

Denver, CO
United States