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           “Shyness. Will it stick with the girl’s name forever?”

                          By: Latasha Briscoe

                              © 3/15/99

                The girl sometimes wondered if she has a chance of 
ever being outspoken to all.  Acting so isolated from people who try 
to communicate with her and being so quiet to all movements, verbal 
communication, and non.  She wished her mouth could spill out so many 
free words to any human who came across her path.  How can people be 
so shy of communicating..........why me?  she wondered.  That was the 
question she asked herself day to day.  Shyness is
a piece of the young girl’s soul that will probably stick with her 
name forever. Like a disease, a virus she wishes she never had.  It 
felt like it would
never go away.

                Maybe....she wondered.  Maybe the reason she’s so shy 
is because of her self confidence.  Beauty meant a lot to her.  
Always, always looked into a frame of reflecting glass and she saw a 
high pitch of ugliness come about.  The frame should break into a 
million and one pieces  she thought.  Her self confidence is wrapped 
into a ball all crumbled up.  The girl wished there was something
to boost her self esteem but the luck she had wasn’t going to happen.  
Ugly is an high effect on her soul covered with cries of help and it 
was messing up her mind.  Messing with her  confidence and esteem.  If 
she had any confidence and a esteem there would be no such thing as 
shyness associating with her feelings.

                How can she boost her confidence?  she wondered.  She 
tried to believe she could boost her confidence by being herself, the 
good natured, funny, goofy person that she is towards anyone who 
stands before her.  Maybe she could care less what anyone else thought 
of her and just be her pure self but something was keeping her from 
doing so.  She wondered that if she stopped worrying what he or she 
would say next about her, she probably could be free of emotion, free 
of the outside life and then her chain of everlasting shyness would
break.  She could talk nonstop to anyone who approached her and she 
could have her soul dancing for the celebration of FREENESS.  

                So to boost the young girl’s emotions on everything, 
she needs to stop looking for the solid ugliness she finds in herself 
and find the wholeness of beauty.  After she finds the wholeness of 
beauty in herself she will find HERSELF, and there would be no need 
for low self esteem and shyness. Everyone should believe in their 
selves and have confidence...so shall the young girl.

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