~~ Elfin Folk ~~

                            by Stefanie Even

                          © November 15, 1999


The Elfin Folk


        We are the Elfin Folk, a race long forgotten.  We
lived before non-written time
even began.  It was a time of magic, knowledge, and
good vs. evil that we lived in. It was
the time of the Mage Wars and non-humans.   
        Let me specify what the elfin race is.  We are not
jolly, little men with beards who are Santa’s helpers.
 We are not short and are even taller
than humans.  Elves are not all men either.  Everyone
is skinny, willowy and graceful in
movements.  We may not look strong but we have a
super-human strength and the ability
to fly like birds.  the exception is that we can make
our wings disappear when we don’t
want them.   We can run faster than lightning and keep
that pace for two days and just be
a little winded.  Elfins' have pale skin, but black,
brown, or reddish hair.  Occasionally
there are some that have blond hair or hair that
changes color with the seasons.  Everyone
wears their hair long with strands of it in front of
their ears.  Our eyebrows are probably
our most unusual feature.  They are either thin and
curve a little or they are thick and fork
at the end.
        We now join this time right after the village Lilth
was destroyed.  It was a small
village on the outskirts of the Elfin Island.  Only
one person was left alive there. She is a
young orphan named Singa.  She is 10 and came to live
in the village when a fisherman
found a beautiful black haired girl and brought her
there.  She lived of and on with all the
families in the village.  The people there knew she
was special because she grasped the
concepts and uses of magic at age 4, which is very
unusual.  She also had the loveliest
voice.  Some said she must be a royal to have a talent
like that but the palace was never
alerted about it.  The people treasured their little
song bird.  A dark day came when
humans found the island and Lilth.  They destroyed the
village because of Singa's
unbelievable powers.  Since there is nothing left for
her at Lilth, she is going to live at the
royal palace in Jenko because the kindly King heard of
her predicament.                        

Chapter #1

        It’s so beautiful and gigantic, Singa thought, I
can’t believe I’m going to be living
here.  Truth be told the royal castle was huge but
only because it was home to many
families.  It is dark, and I know I should be sleeping
because of what had happened and
who I’m going to meet tomorrow.  But I couldn’t get to
sleep even if I tried.   I’m to
nervous about what everyone is going to think of me. 
Will they like me?, accept me?, or
just pretend I’m not here and go along with their
normal lives?   I’m giving myself a
headache as well as a stomach ache just thinking about
it all.  And what about the King?  I
have to go before him, thankfully when court is not in
session, and  answer all of his
questions.  But I’m still nervous.  

        “What do you think she’ll be like?” Jaylene asked.
        “I don’t know , nor do I care right now.”answered
        “Will you both turn out that light, shut up, and go
to sleep!”Dex whispered
threateningly.  The light went out and a few moments
of silence followed then, “I hear
she’s very pretty.” Jaylene’s voice.  
        “Jaylene!” both boy’s said at once. 
        “Al-right, Al-right.” Jaylene grumbled and turned
over on her side. 

        The next morning the sun rose bright and glorious out
of the east and the wagon
was on its way to the city. The city then the palace
Singa sighed.  “Uph!” she said
surprised as the wagon went over a bump in the road. 
She looked up glaring and there
was the city.  And what a sight to behold!  Small
houses and  one or two noble estates
made up the outskirts.  Then there were tall homes
that housed a family on each floor. 
Taverns and shops lined part of the streets and the
tall homes the rest.  Tears welled up in
her eyes because it was so much like Lilth only much
bigger and no familiar faces. 
Children ran all through the streets having a good
time or doing errands for someone. 
Shopkeepers yelled out to come and try their goods,
People yelled gossip across the
streets, and minstrels occupied every available
corner.  Inns and more noble houses
flanked the streets the closer to the palace the wagon
got.  When the wagon stopped at the
palace gates Singa got the nerve to look at the palace
again.  It was even bigger up close. 
She gulped and stepped off the wagon.  “Courage young
one,” the driver smiled.  He then
winked and started back down the bustling street to
his own home and family.  
        Singa walked slowly up to the open front gate to the
palace.  A guard, from his
midnight blue uniform, came up to me and asked, ”Are
you lost little girl? “
        “Nooo,” she answered back.  “But I’m Singa, from
Lilth,” she whispered pulling
out the token her driver had given her to give to the
front gate guard.  His eyes widened a
        “Well.  You’re early.” He exclaimed.  “C’mon.  I’ll
take you to the kitchen. 
Sovie’ll see you get a decent meal in you before your
audience with the King.  Singa
gulped and followed him onto the grounds of the
palace.  And what beautiful grounds they
were!  Secluded spots for courtiers.  A garden with
every flower imaginable plus
sculptures of past Kings and Queens  arranged artfully
around the garden.  There was even
a public hot spring with a towering rock waterfall
with equally hot water falling into the
spring.  It was open to anyone living in the palace,
including the servants.
        Singa didn’t have time to wander and stroll about the
grounds, unless of course
she wanted to lose her guide.  He was moving awfully
fast and she had to jog to keep up. 
There was an open door to the right that he entered,
so she followed and entered a chaotic
mess which was known as the kitchen.            
 “Sovie this is the new child that’s going to be
living at the palace.  See she gets a meal
before her audience, ya hear!”  The guard commanded.
        “ Ya, ya lad.  Just you be getting baack to yer guard
duties now and leave her ta
me.” a slender woman returned.  The guard left the
room laughing and Singa found a hot
bowl of porridge and a piece of bread before her. 
Sovie payed me no mind and none of
the other helpers did either.  Singa assumed they were
too busy getting breakfast for the
court made.  So she watched the -a- different- meals
they made, some not to appetizing
and others undescribable. 
        Sovie came over to where she was sitting when the
last dish had been washed and
said, “Well common then child, ye can’t be sittin
around here forever.  You got a meeting
with the King to go to.” Singa nodded and followed her
from the room.  The halls were
something else.  A dazzling white with gold candle
holders and pictures of the royal family
throughout the years.  A blood red carpet lined all
the hallways we went through and the
ceiling  reached about five feet above Sovie’s head
and she was tall like all elves.             

        In the throne room Dex is having a heated argument
with his father.  Dex yelled, “I
don’t feel its the right decision in my life.  I don’t
want to be king. I’m not suited to the
position.  I’m better suited to be a Guardian!”
        “How can you say that!” answered the king angrily. 
“You don’t even meet all the
qualifications. You don’t have a soul mate, you
haven’t been recommended by any of the
Guardian teachers, and you don’t have my permission! 
Besides why would you want to
give up such power to be a guard?!”
        “Well I’ll never get to be a Guardian then because
I’ll never have your permission! 
I’ll be stuck in something I don’t want to do for the
rest of my life because tour a pain in
the ass!  And you’re so stuck in tradition you
wouldn’t recognize some- thing new if it
landed on you!
        “What does that have to do with anything?” asked
Jaylene confused.
        They paid her no mind.  They were both glaring at
each other heatedly.  Their fists
were balled up and they were about ready to have a
physical fight.  The energy in the
room was building and a beautiful, wooden table near
the wall started to crack and twist. 
A head popped in the room and a page said cautiously,
“My Lord, the child from Lilth is
here and is ready for her audience with you.”        
        “Well, show her in.” The king ordered regaining his
composure.  “ We will finish
this later Dex.” He said coldly to his son. 
        “Yes, my Lord.” the page answered bowing himself out.
 He returned with a
young girl that was wide-eyed and frightened of her
        The king frowned a minute because he could not sense
what she was thinking and
therefore could do no good trying to calm her down. 
Her shield is very strong he thought
to himself as he said warmly, “What is your name
        “It is Singa My Lord.” she replied. 
        “Come here Singa, and tell me what happened at
Lilth.” was the King’s next
        “Well Sir,” she began swallowing, “there was a raid
on the village by humans. 
They had be-spelled weapons and very good soldiers.
        “But didn’t Lilth have warriors?  Surely they would
have been a match for mere
humans?” Dex interjected. 
        “We had warriors but they were out of practice and no
match for seasoned
fighters.” She replied. 
        “Anything else you can remember will help very much.”
Jaylene stated hopefully.
        Singa bit her lip thinking.  “Hmmmmm... the enemies
seemed to be looking for
something but I don’t think they found it.”
        “Do you know what they were looking for?” was the
next question fired at her
from the King.
        “No.” she said sadly.  But then her face brightened
some.  “I do remember them
saying the name Meiszar over and over as they
destroyed the village.  It might be their
        “It might at that.” the king said.  He continued
thinking and mumbling to himself
and almost forgot about the other people in the room. 
“Dex.  Jaylene.  I want you to
show Singa around the palace, introduce her to the
people, and show her to her room. 
Don’t be late for dinner either.  Its quite soon and
it would be rude to miss it.  Besides I
want to introduce Singa to the court then.”
        “All right.”  Jaylene said.  “C’mon Singa, you’ll
love the palace.  And your room is
great, I even helped decorate it.”  
        “You mean you watched while the Drixdes did all the
work.” Dex came up behind
them laughing. 
        “Did not.” Jaylene protested.  She screamed and
lunged at him, playfully, while he
back stepped out of her reach.  
        Still laughing he replied “You’ll have to be faster
than that to catch me.”  
        “Oh, just shut up!” she yelled at him stomping off
down the hallway.
        He turned to see Singa, staring at them with a
strange expression on her face. 
“What’s wrong?”
        “Nothing really.” she replied in a strained voice. 
Her face was turning red and she
was starting to shake.  “I’m trying not to laugh, my
Prince.” she said bursting into giggles
        “Well it was pretty funny.” he started laughing
again.  “I guess its just you and me
now.  His face lit up as he had a brilliant idea.  “I
can show you the Guardians.  Where
they practice and what they learn.”  
        "Guardian?  What who are they?”  Singa asked, a
puzzled expression on her face. 
        “What!  How can you say?!” that Dex exclaimed.  They
are the army and the
personal guard of the royal family.  They are the most
amazing warriors in the world.” 
Pure hero worship showed in his eyes as he said the
last part.  
        “Oh.  Well, I guess I’ll go see them.” She answered
in a totally unenthusiastic


        “Its over here!” shouted Dex, “over by the armory.”
He jumped down to the
bottom of the hill.  He stared for a minute at the
scenery then turned to help Singa down. 
A huge brick and  wood building lay before them.  In
front of it was a cleared off space of
dirt that was easily 90 horse lengths across.  In
strategically arranged places there were
places for different training techniques and levels. 
A well was in the middle for students
that needed a drink.  To Singa’s right there was an
archery area and arranged all around
were wooden dummies, that looked somewhat human.  She
couldn’t imagine what they
were for.  Students were coming out of the building,
talking and laughing like any other
teenager.  They grew quiet immediately when their
teacher yelled at them.  
        “All right people!  Its time to get into groups of
two and start the second half of
today’s training.” he screamed.  They all broke into
their groups and started sparing. 
Some swung at the semi-humanlike dummies while their
partners gave encouragement or
instruction.  It dawned on Singa what they were.  The
dummies were for the new students
sparing so they could learn the movements and but not
hurt anyone in the process.  
        “Wow.” she sighed amazed at how the advanced students
handled their swords. 
They spared with the teacher and their swords moved so
fast that she could barley see
        “Amazing, huh.” Dex commented, never taking his eyes
off the two fighting.
        “Yeah.” Singa returned.  “Like poetry in motion.”
        “That’s Arms master and Guardian Falkmier and his two
top students, Lizi and
Gihard.  Dex said.  “They’re going to take their test
soon.  The test is a grueling week of
tests by the most powerful Guardians.  If you pass
that then you go before the God
Atlantis and the Goddess Rheas.  They judge your soul
and give you a sword to show that
you’ve passed and have now become a  full fledged
Guardian.  It’s my dream to become a
Guardian.”  he whispered sighing.  “It’s just too bad
it will never happen.”
        “Why not?”  Is there some problem with you becoming a
Guardian?” Singa asked.
        “Yeah.  The problem is my father.”  Dex sighed
turning to Singa.  “I guess he
doesn’t want me to get hurt or killed trying to become
a Guardian.  Plus he has this grand
idea of me being the Chosen Ruler.”
        “What’s the Chosen Ruler?” Singa questioned.
        “You’ve never heard of the chosen Ruler?”  Dex said
unbelievingly.  Singa shook
her head.  “Well it is the ruler that will save all of
the elves from a villain that will rest at
nothing to kill us and every other nonhuman he comes
        “Why don’t you think you’re the Chosen Ruler? Singa
        “Well, he or she will come when the evil is already
here and banish it from the
land, saving everyone.  But it will be at a horrible
cost to all the royals' and some of the
        There was silence for a candle marks.  Then Singa
spoke up with a chilling
thought.  “What if that evil is here.  It could be
behind those that attacked Lilth.”
        “You might be right.” he replied, looking frightened.
 “I sincerely hope you're
wrong though.  I don’t want to face something that
could rally a force of humans and give
them the means to destroy a village of elves.” 
        “I’m with you.” Singa replied with a shiver. 
        “Ahhhh!!” Dex screamed.  “We’re gonna be late for
dinner!  It’s in half a candle
mark. C’mon!”  he cried running up the steep hill that
led to the palace. 

        Summers came and went while Singa, Dex, Jaylene, and
Val became best friends. 
They were inseparable and agreed on almost everything.
 The only thing they disagreed on
was the Guardians.  Dex and Singa still thought of
them as heroes.  The others didn’t see
what the big deal about them was.  In the time that
had passed they had grown up.  Singa
was now 16 and Dex was 18.  Jaylene and Val were both
17.  As the flowers bloomed the
spring when Singa turned 16, romances were blooming in
the palace.  Dex and Singa’s
relationship gave them an interesting idea.

        “Oh C’mon, admit it .” Singa gloated.  “It is a good
idea.  We should see if we’re
soulmates.  It would give us a way into the
        “For you maybe,” Dex glared.  “But my father will
never give me permission to
enter the training.  Besides soulmates can tell when
they’re soulmates.  And we haven’t
felt anything like that.”
        “True, but the extra sensory perception usually comes
when one of the pair is in
great danger.  We haven’t been in any great danger at
all!  So I’m suggesting that we get
tested by a soulmate couple.  If they say we are
soulmates then we can trick your father
into giving you permission.”   
        “A trick?” he said uncertainly.  “I don’t know.  I
don’t think that’s very kind.” 
        “But it’s to become a Guardian!” Singa cried
indignantly.  I thought you want to
become one more than anything.”      
        “Yes, of course I do!” Dex yelled back.  "Oh, I’ll do
it.  I just hope it doesn’t hurt
him too much.”
        “I’m sure he’ll forgive you eventually.”Singa teased
        “What a comfort you are!” Dex answered sarcastically
as he followed her out of
the room.  They continued their banter all the way to
Lizi and Gihard’s room. 

        “Knock!  Knock!”  Singa banged on Lizi and Gihard’s
        “Who is it?” LIzi’s voice called from inside.
        “It’s Singa and Dex!  Open up the door already!”
Singa yelled through the thick
        “I’m commin, I’m commin.  Well hello you two!  So
good to see you.  Now what
do you want?”  Lizi asked in a sarcastic voice before
either of them could even say hello.  
        “Is that any way to greet guests?” Dex asked,
pretending to be indignant. 
        “Oh of course not!” Lizi said, horrified.  “A
thousand pardons Your Highness.  Let
this humble peasant kneel before you and beg
forgiveness for my rudeness.  I do not
deserve it, but find it in your heart to forgive a
clumsy, thick peasant please, oh please.”
She would have gone on with the charade longer if
Singa hadn’t burst into laughter,
ruining the effect.  
        “What is going on out there!” an angry voice called
from the sleeping chamber. 
“I’m trying to get some much needed sleep in here!”
        “Sorry Gihard, But Singa and Dex showed up and I’m
sufe they want something,
they always do.”  Lizi teased.
        “We do not!”  Dex cried angrily.
        “Oh really?” Gihard asked coming out of the other
room with a robe on.  “Name
one time when you came here and didn’t ask for
something.”  Silence met his challenge. 
“Told you.” He said laughing.  “Well since you're here
and you’ve woken me up, what do
you want.”
        “Well we wanted your opinion on something very
important to us.” Singa started.
         “But you can’t tell anyone, you swear?” Dex asked
        “We swear.” Lizi and Gihard answered seriously.
        “We wanted to know if we were soulmates.  I know
everyone says you can tell if
you are or aren’t, but I'm not sure.  And lately I’ve
been getting these feelings around
Dex, like...like I know what he’s feeling even when
we’re not talking mind to mind and
I’m shielded.”  
        “Me too.  Dex chimed in.  “Why didn’t you mention
this before?”  Sing just
shrugged and turned to Lizi and Gihard for an answer.
        “well?  Are you going to answer our question or
        “Yes, we are and it is that you are soulmates.”
Gihard answered.
        “You can tell just by what we said?” Singa asked.
        “It was what you said and that fact that we are
soulmates.  One pair can recognize
another.” Lizi replied
        “Even if the other pair doesn’t recognize it
themselves.” Gihard finished.
        “Wow.” Singa said stunned.
        “Thank you for the information.  We’ll see your
around.” Dex said backing out of
the room.
        “I have one more question.” Singa piped up.  “Are
Jaylene and Val soulmates
        “Yes they are.  Now vamouse so I can get some sleep!”
Gihard yelled at them. 
        “I’m going okay.  Singa said slightly angry.  “Oh,”
she said as an afterthought,
“thank your help.”
        ”You’re welcome and I’m glad we could be of service.”
Lizi replied smiling as she
shut the door.
        “In more ways than you know.” Singa muttered under
her breath as she ran to
catch up with Dex.

        “So we’re soulmates.” Dex whispered unbelievingly.
        “Don’t sound so thrilled about it.” Singa said,
glaring at him angrily.
        “I’m happy about it but, its just so surprising.” He
answered defensively.
        "OK.,” she said smiling, “I know what you meant.  But
now its time for step two
of my plan.  
        “You actually had this planned?” he asked
        “Yes I did.  Do you have a problem with it?” She
glared, getting up.
        “No, no.” He said placatingly.
        “Good.” she answered satisfied.  “Now, as I was
saying, its time for step two.”
        “What is step two?” Dex asked mystified.
        “I’ll show you.  C’mon.”

        “What are we doing at the Armory?” Dex asked.
        “We’re going to ask Falkmeir if my soulmate and I can
join.” Singa said, her
attention elsewhere as she looked for Falkmeir. 
“Ah-ha!  There he is.  Gaurdmaster
Falkmeir, I would like to have a word with you!” Singa
yelled across the field.”
        “Keep practicing students, I wont be gone long!” He
yelled.  The students went
back to their practice while he walked over to Singa
and Dex.  “G’day young lady and to
you young prince.”
        “G’day to you as well,” Singa greeted him.
        “Now, what business brings you two out here?” he
asked curiously.
        “Well I’m happy to tell you that I can join the
Guardian training, if you’ll have
She said, hope rising up in her heart.
        “Why that’s wonderful news!” Falkmeir exclaimed. 
“Since you met all other
qualifications except soulmate, who is the lucky
        “That would be me,” Dex interjected.
        “Oh,” Falkmier whispered.  “You know your father will
never give you permission
to enter the training.”
        “Yes, But Singa said she had plan,” Dex stated,
turning to her.
        “ And I do!” Singa protested. 
        “Well lets hear it girl,” Falkmeir said.  They all
bent down and put their heads
together and listened.

        “Your Highness!” A page yelled, running through the
door, “Gaurdmaster
Falkmeir and Singa to see you immediately!”  A moment
later they walked through the
        “So good to see you two.”  The king greeted them. 
“Do you have some business
to attend to in court today?”
        “Yes, your Highness,” Singa said, bowing.  
        “Singa has asked to be accepted into Guardian
training.” Falkmeir stated.  “She
meets every qualification and I feel the she will be a
welcome asset to the kingdom as a
Guardian.  All she and her soulmate need is your
permission to enter.”  
        A light tapping met Singa’s mental shield.  It was
someone asking politely to talk
with her.  :Yes?: Singa inquired. 
        :What are you trying to pull Singa?!: an enraged
voice yelled.  Singa winced at its
        :Why nothing at all Lizi.:
        :Oh please.  Spare me the innocent act.:
        :I’m getting into the Gaurdian’s and Dex is coming
too.  You know he’s always
wanted to be one and so have I!:
        :So you’re tricking the king?: her incredulous
mind-voice asked.  
        :Yes.  It’s the only way he’ll let Dex get in.:
        :The king will never forgive you.  You’ll crush his
heart with this proposal.:
        :I know and am truly sorry about it.  But Dex is his
own person and deserves to
lead his own life.:
        :Mind if I but in?: Jaylene’s mind-voice asked.
        :No not at all.: Singa answered.
        :I know we haven’t agreed on everything before, but
if you two feel you need to do
this then do it.  I’m sure father will forgive you
        :Thank you, sister.  I’m glad you understand my
situation even if our father
doesn’t.: Dex interjected, coming into the
        :By the way Jaylene, I’ve been meaning to tell you
something very important.  I
found out that you and Val are soulmates, just like
Dex and me!  Great, huh?: Singa 
burst out happily.  The conversation broke off as the
King stood up to make his decision.
        “I will let you and your soulmate enter the
training.” he announced.  “My decision
on this is irrevocable for I think you two will make a
great addition to these brave
warriors.  Well let’s meet this lucky young man.  Show
him into the courtroom.” he
ordered the guards.
        “I’m already here.” Dex announced stepping forward. 
He gulped nervously but
continued on into the speech of his life.  “Thank you
father for giving my soulmate and I
the chance to become Guardians.  We will make you
proud.”   He stole a glance at his
father and saw that he looked as if someone had
smacked him on the back of his head with
a board.  He was definitely stunned by this.  “I also
have another announcement to make. 
I know I will serve this kingdom much better as a
Guardian than a king.  And since the
heir to the throne is not allowed to be a Guardian I
have decided abdicate my right to the
throne in favor of my sister Jaylene and her soulmate
Val.”  He stepped down from the
Dais to join Singa and Falkmeir. In telepathic speech
he pleaded :Father I’m sorry I hurt
you like that, but I meant every word I said.  They
are true statements too and you know it
but wont accept it.:  Dex got no response, but he knew
his father had heard every word.  
        “Your Highness, Thank you for giving your permission
for these two young
people to join the Guardians.” Falkmeir stated.  He
nodded slightly at the king as if he had
heard something the others hadn’t.  :Singa, Dex.: he
mindspoke them.  :The king wishes
to have a talk with you after court is out.:
        :Yes, Falkmeir.  We will come.: Singa answered for
both of them.

        In the King’s private courters, a few candlemardks
later, a little group had
gathered.  Falkmeir, Dex, Singa, Jaylene and Val
waited nervously for the king to enter.
The door swung open and everyone rose to greet the
        “Well, you are all here, this is good.” He said in a
deadly clam voice.  I’ve called
you to this meeting because you purposely tricked me. 
I understand that it was to help
these two but deceiving someone is still wrong,”
        “We’re sorry, my Lord.” Singa apologized.  “It was
all my idea.  It was just that
Dex and I wanted to be Guardians so much and we saw no
other way.”
        “I know, I know.”  the king sighed.  “I know that Dex
is his own person and needs
to lead his own life, but you still should have found
another way.  You two are still in the
training, I can’t revoke what I said.  But you all
have lost my trust and it is one of the
hardest things to regain,” the king stood and turned
to go into his bed-chamber.
“You are all dismissed from this meeting,” he said
before shutting the door.  Everyone left
the room with guilt lying heavily on their hearts.

        In a dusty camp, a continent or so away from the
Elfin Island there was a man
named Meiszar.  He sat in the best tent looking at
maps of lands from far and wide.  “Oh
dammit all!” he cried in frustration.  “Will I never
find those elves?  Those unnatural
creatures that destroyed my home.  Ohhhhhhh,” he
moaned falling more than sitting down
in an overstuffed pillow-chair.  How am I going to
find them without any clues to where
they are.  I have no sure or even vague direction to
look in.  
        “My Lord Meiszar,” said a guard coming into the tent,
“there is a messenger from
a northern post here to see you.”
        “Then send him in right away!” He cried jumping up.
        “Yes, my Lord, “ the guard said, rushing to obey.   
        Two more guards came in carrying to one from the
northern post, while the first
guard held up the tent flap.  “Well does this man have
anything to report?” Meiszar asked
        The north, as Meiszar had termed him, let out a gasp
of pain.  He opened his
mouth and said, “Elves- up north;  attacked and killed
village; one elf girl incredible
power; couldn’t find kill her; we ambushed; elves kill
all but me;” his voice was fading and
he was turning whiter faster then- well anything
Meiszar could think of.
        “Where tell me where they are!” Meiszar screamed at
        “They up north-,” he said his voice trailing off in
        “North, but where up north? In the south or east?”
Meiszar screamed grabbing the
corpse and shaking it.
        “Sir, please!” a guard shouted.  “He’s de-,” was all
the unfortunate guard got out
before Meiszar shot a red bolt of blood magic through
his stomach.  Meiszar smiled in
pleasure at the guards pain and collected his death
        “Take them away,” he ordered the remaining two
guards.  “I need to think.”  So
the elves are up north.  But which direction, east or
west?  I’ll have to send people in both
direction to find out.  I have a clue now, a small
one, but still a clue.  Look out my friends. 
I’m coming for you next.  And all of your kind will
rot on a bloody battlefield while I
continue to rid the world of the rest of the
nonhumans.  His chilling laughter was heard
throughout the countryside.  His men stopped what they