~~ The Road ~~

      This page is dedicated to anyone who spent time "on the road." 
It might have been hitch-hiking, driving...who cares? If you were on 
a road to somewhere (who knows where...maybe you didn't at the time).

      This doesn't count miles covered by plane, or boat. It's not 
that those means of transportation don't have validity, or their own
tales...it's just that they aren't "on the road." And there is a diff-

      I myself have lost count of the miles I've logged on roads in 
North America (and Canada). When I have the time, I'll count them, and
I'll log them on this page. In the meantime, I want to hear "tales of
the road" from others.


"I have no plans

     No dates

          No appointments with anybody

So I leisurely explore

     Souls and cities..."

-- Jack Kerouac ("Mexico City Blues")