~~ Princeton Writers of the New Millenium ~~

    This page is dedicated to writers from Princeton High School, 
during the school year 1999-2000. These will be the writers of the
New Millenium, and we welcome their work.

RJ Dickson and David S. Farrar

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ an introduction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Welcome to your page. 

    My name is David Farrar. My screen name appears as Skydax (feel
free to ask why I use that name on-line...the answer will change from
time to time, though, I think you'll discover).

    Ms. D. and I created and maintain this page for you folks. It's
an invitation to send your thoughts to thousands (and more) people. 
It's a way to talk to and with the world. 

    Me: a product of the post-WWII years. To make a long story short:

    I had a great deal of trouble in high school. I was suspended my
fair share of times, and I did a lot of stupid things -- mainly 
"Callin' out guys that were bigger than me, mouthin' off, smokin'
in the boys room and gettin' my butt kicked." LOL <---- stands for 
laffin' on line (but I'll bet most of you know that, by now).

    Ms. Dee's high school days? Ask her. LOL

    I think I did most of the crazy things I did because I was bored.
Maybe we all need to remember that no one  has to be bored. You get 
to learn (or you already know)how to use all these great "educational 
toys" like this page (I mean...I didn't have that stuff when I was a 
kid!!! sniffle...sniffle...). You can write what you want. You can 
write with heart. This is the place to do it. 

    When we start working together on this page, one of the things we
can do is give each writer their own page. That way you can add your
own graphics (we'll discuss those details later).

    I'm looking forward to working with you. I love reading "un-read"
writers. I love reading the words of people who like to use words
in their own way...to write poetry...to tell stories...to make other
people's hearts beat a certain way...to scare people...to make people
cry...to make people hurt for a character you create...

    So does Ms. D. -- I can tell you that (she told me). 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ talk to you later... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Skydax (David Farrar)

Denver, CO
United States

~~ New Millenium Pages ~~

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