~~ Mother Earth...Father Sky ~~


     One morning, Renny said to David -- "You know...we haven't done
any photograpy outdoors."

     She had taken his hand, and was moving it in circles over their
heads as they lay in bed...the buttery light of morning slipping 
through the windows of his apartment.

     He loved the physical sensation of her touching him...anywhere
on his body. He sometimes thought of it as "electric" -- and it was.
Not shocking, but vibrant. More and more often, lately, he'd begun to
think of it as "nourishing."

     It was as though she were feeding him, in some erotic play, the 
very nutrients his soul needed...the..."spiritual vitamins" as he be-
gan to think of them. Holding his hand, moving it just above their
heads, as they lay there, in lazy and sensuous circles.

     Quickly (not suddenly or unexpectedly), she moved his hand down
to the warm, moist area between her legs...at the very "delta of 
Venus," as he thought of it. She often did this...and it always ex-
cited him. He loved the warmth...the sensation of touching the earth
itself, as he did so.

       "I imagine," she moaned softly, as she guided his fingers within 
her, " there would be some primal instinct that  a body when naked 
among the elements,  would give rise to a sense of incredible freedom. 
Oh God..." Her hand held his firmly as he moved it expertly within 

    "You think so?" he grinned. "You think you could howl at the 

     "Right along with you!" And with that she reached for the heart 
shape mound between his legs, causing him to shriek with howling  

     "I will be your woodland nymph," she cooed to him. " You will be
looking into the clear waters of a a spring or small pond...and you 
will catch the reflection of bare legs...I will tease you, darting 
naked, in and out of the trees, the brush...and then I will lay, upon 
some  sun rock...open to you...inviting." Renny had moved as she 
talked so that she was now straddled over David. "And I will raise my 
arms to the sun-god, stretching my body to welcome in its energy...and 

     Renny now took her hands, and slowly moved them down her neck, 
over her breasts..." guide the warm rays along my body, feeling the 
sunlight penetrate each cell..." She now cupped one breast and with 
the other hand, her fingers moved in circles round the nipple," I 
would marvel at how the sun glowed upon the rosebud". Now she switched 
breasts and hands..drawing the same circle until David reached for her 
finger, drawing it to his lips. With his tongue, he moistened the 
finger tip. 

    "I want to photograph..."he said, taking  her finger and placing 
it back on her nipple..."the morning dew on the rosebuds."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ more later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~ Beyond the Road ~~

Mother Earth meets Father Sky: -- a continuation of the "Posing" series
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