~~ In the Road ~~

This is just a place to gripe, if you know what I mean. I think the only reason I'm using this page is that I can. Although, I don't seem to be able to upload images. GGGGGRRRRHHH!

Good place to start griping. Well... it's a nicer script, and hell, I don't have anywhere else to go, at the moment.

I can't figure why the spacing is so goofy, though. They keep changng the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today (the first day of this journal online) is Thursday, September 25, 2003. The news is basically the same, only more intense. Ha ha. What I mean is -- the situation in Iraq isn't getting any better, neither is the economic climate (unless you're a millionaire). I'm not even a hundredaire, so where do I count in the scheme of things?