Mo's Words

-- © Mossetta Luckey 12/17/98

(Chorus )
Somewhere a child is crying,
out in the world alone. 
Somewhere a soul is dying;
Somewhere without a home.

( Verse  One)
A home is a place of love and laughter; a place to         
feel complete
But somewhere a little boy wakes up expecting to be
He opens his eyes to face a drunken father and no place to hide,
And four white walls to protect him from the cold,harsh weather outside.
Walk in the front door and up the stairs
and into the room where he silently prepares
To run away from whom he should be uniting. 
( Chorus)

(Verse Two)
Alone in a room she huddles in the darkness; she huddles and she waits.
She’s made a 911 call but she’s afraid they’ll be tooo late.
She clenches her teeth and prays that her mom will be alright. 
And she hears the loud BOOM of something thrown in there room. Oh why do they
have to fight?
The police bring her out and she is still scared.

On a stretcher comes her mommy who’s no longer there.
Then out pour the tears she’s been fighting.
( Chorus)

( Verse Three)
There are many children that we need to get out of a bad situation,
Because everyday these things are happening across the nation

Some day 
Some how 
I say
We’r gonna find a way(repeat)

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