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NOTE: the keepers of this page assume no responsibility for excess of
joy at our cuisine...nor gastric difficulties!! Hey -- it's your 
stomach. Enjoy!

Actually, we are trying to create a responsbile exchange of "the food
of Denver." We want to include as many ethnic recipes as possible. 
Without mentioning corporate names, we want to re-introduce "human

You may submit your recipes (which will be tested and re-viewed, and
posted as time and space permits) to the "contact info on 'HomePage'
-- Denver Sandwich". Or... skydax@earthling.net --

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 01/15/99 3:07:53 AM (MDT) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Denver Sandwich

Although there are different varieties, the standard Denver Sandwich 
consists of grilled minced onion, green peppers and ham, mixed with 
several eggs, fried, then placed between two slices of toasted bread. 
It is a mix of tastes. In our case, The Denver Sandwich is a potpourri 
of writing about Denver -- fiction and nonfiction, reverent and 
irreverent. Minced, grilled or fried. We welcome all visitors to this 
site to submit their own ingredients and recipes for our sandwich, 
writings of their own about Denver, and/or anything they've seen about 
Denver. Either post contributions in our guest book, or send items to:




Thanks for taking a bite of the sandwich.