Magick, Paganism, and Wicca

This is a site of healing -- prayers, chants, meditations, potions, songs -- bits and pieces of wisdom that often evade the mind that is clouded with illusion. See the links below for more.

If you have something to contribute to this endeavor, please feel free to send to the address given above.

Doors of Light

Tarot Page: excellent site for viewing the various types of cards -- interactive -- try your hand
Amulets : a site for charms, amulets, spells and more...
Sun Dragon Wicca Page: dedicated to positive enlightenment regarding the nature and true principles of Wicca
Knotwork: Pagan, Wiccan, and Goddess imagery
Reflecting Shadows Page: all aspects of Wicca are discussed at one of these links
Introduction to Wicca and Paganism: links to many sites -- descriptions of and explanations of ritual magick
Ariel: artwork by Ariel -- featuring some of the most "alive" and brilliant graphic representation of cosmic forces
Kaitlin's Witch Haven: a great site for understanding Wicca, or participating -- spells, graphics, stories and poetry
Celtic Links: -- tradition, history, and pantheon of the Celtic Goddesses and Gods
The Mabinogian: -- tales and folklore of the Celts

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