~~ Where we soar ~~

                David Farrar and Renee Jaskulek -- 11/30/99

      This is a gallery dedicated to the experiences of a man and
woman who discovered love...long after they had ceased to believe
it existed.

      It is truly our gallery, for our use -- if someone discovers it,
and it brings them pleasure...so much the better.

RJWing and Skydax -- 11/30/99  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ she writes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This new technology
is all the rage
sending through cyber space
voluptuous body parts in leopard tights
Heaven knows I get
such e-mail
Ads and pictures
or some such name
male, female
alone,together or happy groups
enjoying with great wide-eyed and wide-leg enthusiasm
each other

But I prefer
your scans
simple pictures
places where we've been
and you
in those jeans
with deep eyes
that invite me
back to memories
of what I have touched
that invite me
to come again
I can hear your heart beat
the blood running through
your long legs
feel the warmth of the heart mound
embers in the shaft beneath the blue jean buttons
A thousand miles away
the petals moisten
You tease
You taunt
You take me

 -- Renee Jaskulek -- 11/99