~~ This is Julie Mattingly's Page ~~


This is the page we (Julie's family) use, for now... to honor her.

As of this time, we (her family) have every reason to believe she will recover from her current plight, and her current battle with the crisis that now challenges her.

Put more simply -- Julie is fighting for her life. We believe, and we pray, that she will be triumphant in this fight. We know she is strong, and believe in her capacity to overcome this terrible obstacle.

For any further contact, email to:

David Farrar

Lakewood, CO 80215
United States



I just want to thank my entire family for all the support they have given my sister and I since we have been here. It has been a surreal experience, and at times very scarey. Today it seems like my Mom is doing good and they have hope she will come out her deep sedation. All we can do is wait. The support from our fanily (Mattingly, and Farrar) has been wonderful. Thank you all so much.

Also, I would like to remind or inform people that Adyan and I started a journal for Mom to read when she recovers. It is just a written documentation of what happened, who visited, what we have been telling her while we stand by her bed, etc. We are keeping it at the hospital, so anyone family that has visited or would still like to is welcome to come and write a message. She will really enjoy it. Thanks.




Dearest David, Friends and Family,

I have been to the hospital a couple of times now and Julie M's current medical crisis has been overshadowing all that I have been trying to do this past week. I must say that between the Mattinglys and the Farrars we must have emotionally overwhelmed the ICU with our emotional "overwhelmedness"...everyone has been more than helpful. Friends who own a local sandwich shop that I do some advocacy for generously offered to provide some comp sandwiches, soup, salad and most importantly ice cream to those of us on constant vigil in the ICU, delivery included.

There are many people pulling for Julie and thinking positive thoughts for her that don't even know her. This experience has triggered so many fond childhood memories and brought home the reality that for all of our faults, we do come together in a crisis.

What is unfortunate is knowing that it shouldn't take a crisis to pull us together. Jane met Elizabeth Harrison Kuhn for the first time yesterday and we talked about how much we still are family and we must re-establish and maintain our ties...LOVE TO YOU "Julie Cee"

Information Regard ARDS

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