Renee (Wingwrite) and David (Skydax)
United States

~~ One foot before the other ~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ part one -- David writes:

     When we started, Renee and I were both recovering from orthopedic 
surgery, though you couldn't tell by her stride. We were visiting 
Guanella Pass -- this shot is looking northwest...Mount Bierstadt is 
to the right of the photographer. 

     I only mention the surgery for one reason -- we were also recov-
ering our lives. The physical impact of the surgery (for me) was a
changed perspective of the world entire. More on that, later.

     There are many more shots...but so little space!   

~~ Renee's View ~~ 

     "Before going any further through this journal, it is important 
to note "ol Blue" I mean that's what this travel journal is titled!
"Travels with ol Blue". So this is a picture of the third partner in
these ventures and owner :-) David-me. Though Renee lays claim to
this good truck having contributed to  some of its upkeep and gentle
care, it is still a basic relationship between a man and his wheels.
Besides, Renee, a fragie Eastener, where Smokey Mountain curves are
taken at speeds of 35 miles per hour is learning to navigate the 
Rockies at a respectible  Colorado speed of 50 mph."


 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ David's Two Cents ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     The picture following is me and the aforementioned Ol' Blue -- 
the Mazda 4X (2600i Series) that carried us to so many places. This 
shot was taken at White Ranch Park in Colorado. The photographer 
(Renee) is facing east...looking toward the plains east of Denver.

     To paraphrase Edward Albee -- "Don't talk about the bear, Renee!"

     Follow the links as we take off for other places...just us an' 
Ol' Blue...

~~ Views from the Room ~~

Soft Soul example....: -- one of the best collections of natural beauty on the web
The view from the room...: -- the jouney continues...with a photo or two of what we saw, just from the hotel window
Journey One: -- recovering our balance...