~~ Travels With Ol' Blue ~~

~~~~~~~~  11/7/99 -- Renee Jaskulek and David S. Farrar ~~~~~~~~~~

    This is a collection of images and stories we would like to share
with anyone interested in "the road" and its call. We begin with
our time in Leadville. The photo below is taken from an older mine,
just outside the city itself. The boulders show core sample drill-
holes, part of a contest we missed. Note the background, though.

    Leadville is the highest city in the U.S. -- 10, 000+ ft. The
hotel, from which a later photo was taken, is the highest hotel in the

~~ Here's the Hotel ~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Hotel Delaware ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

     This is Renee, her primary expression (a sunny smile) and the
Hotel Delaware itself behind her. We stayed on the third floor, 
probably in the middle of the row of windows there. 

     We have romantic memories about that room...but details are
covered elsewhere...and that's our secret! We also had mystic 
memories, visions of holy prayer...earth and sky -- we hope you can
sense the awe and wonder we experienced, on this simple trek through
the Colorado Rockies.

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     Roll down the windows as I fire up Ol' Blue...and enjoy the
mountains with us!

Where it really starts...

One foot before the other...: -- features Ol' Blue...and the writers on the road...