~~ Gallery B -- RJ and Sky ~~

      This is the second Gallery of RJ and Sky. Or...it's Gallery B,
I forget. As we mentioned before... the models are over eigthteen, 
consulting adults and all that. But, really, it doesn't matter...
because by now you know I'm not revealing names. :-)

      Be that as it may...we are both dedicated to the beauty of the
human body (mainly each others...but, that's the point, really, ins't
it? that we can love one another... share the sensuality of it... and
still remain a mystery.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3.23.2000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~ Gallery B -- RJ and Sky

            ~~ Gallery II, or B...or...the Second Gallery ~~

     This image appears on many other eros' pages that belong to us
(RJ and Sky). It's become symbolic (and an insider's joke) -- still, 
the intent is to portray the feminine earth... in another image, sky
(the masculine) is included. This graphic happens to be Sky's favorite
(of RJ), and since he had access to the scanner... he posted this.

     It is a beautiful image, and one that always makes my heart beat

     It's also copyrighted...so...please...don't use unlawfully. We
like to share...but give credit to _- RK and Sky - Thanks! Enjoy the 
other galleries, as well.

The Galleries...

Gallery C: ...continuing images created by RJ and Sky...
...another gallery of abstract erotica -- I've lost track!: -- variations on this theme...and more links!
Gallery A: The first gallery... you might notice some repetition.... I need to get organized!