~~ She is the Sky's delight ~~

                                    What I love
            is the warmth, sometimes the

            heat of her....

            sometimes the glimpse of her, as she finishes bathing...

or the scent of her, when she leaves in the morning, kissing me

on the mouth...

            I feel awkward, but she puts her hand on my chest

and whispers... "I love you. I'll see you, later."

And she is off to live in, spend time in, a world I left long

ago. She deals with a number of people, some of whom she met 

           many months ago

           it strikes me

           even now...

           and while she likes her work...

           and is quite good at what she does...

           some of the people are very nice...

some are not nice by most peoples' standards...

and some are dangerously not nice.

This is a kind of verbal boquet to this woman...

to Wingwrite 

and Elfin Lover 

and sensual gypsy woman

and woman who shops with me

and buys lace underwear

and says... "Wait until you least expect it..."

and smiles the most naughty of smiles.

            I am aroused, right there... in the store.

            I suppress the physical arousal (to some degree)

but I do not suppress the hint of a smile.

Te amora, mi corazon, mi florita... que bonita y dulce!