Writers of the Third Millenium

     The future of the written word is in the hands of those who 
are, at this moment, learning the "human language."

     This is an invitation to participate in the growth of language
by using it in written form. All works remain the sole property of
the authors, and are copyrighted in their name.

     This is a special invitation to recipient's of my last e-mail --
that is, the Ohio Writing Project group, the mentors, professors, and
all participants thereby associated -- Fall 1999.

     You are invited to submit your work, if you're so inclined. 
Fiction, non-fiction, poetry...any form or function relating to the 
use of language is welcome! 

     Please submit via e-mail (no attachments, por favor) -- to the
address link below. Note: as per agreement on this page, all works 
remain the property of the authors, as listed. 

~~ Other Directions ~~

Write Now: ~~ a page with earlier works by new writers ~~
Princeton X Board: ...another place to keep "your stuff."