~~ Digital Hubris ~~

 text -- David S. Farrar -- 4.25.2000  

 photograph -- Renee Jaskulek Dickson --  4.25.2000 

       I figure anything I could possibly say about anything, especially
a city, is going to be a monumentally egotistical statement. So...
let's call it what it is. 

       But...I have no apologies!

       The links indicate where my writing can be found. Please note
the warnings regarding content, etc. I will be up-dating this "series"
once a week, at least. I enjoy working on the story, as you might 

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~ The Short Story Page (fiction list) ~~: -- an excellent first step toward new writers' writing...(for modesty's sake...lol) see "Not in Da Nang" or "Beyond the Gates of Eden"
Cloud City Window: -- one of Renee's photos from Leadville...