~~ Me n RJ ~~

This is me. I could give you a name, but not yet. I've wondered now, about my sanity when I was actually publishing personal stuff, here. But, I won't do that anymore!

Let's just say, for now, that this picture was taken by RJ, of me, while I was standing at the open rear door of her Suzuki SUV, aka Suzie. I just got it! Suzuki, Suzie! Very good, RJ!

The next picture is of RJ. I like her, very much. I love her, in fact. In fact, there are so many things we enjoy about each other that I really can't list them, here, right away. Suffice it to say -- we really, really like each other!

Details to follow, if you care.

I just started this page, after getting rid of some others. They didn't match the quality of our writing, or our graphics. This is okay. This is easy to do.

Wednesday -- 2/19/03 -- 12:54AM (MDT)

I continue this page... thinking of how I can use it... perhaps Renee will offer some suggestion by email. Smiling... grinning, et al.

I will say this, for myself -- it's a strange feeling to inter-act, in this cybernetic manner, and yet, I do it many times a week... sometimes... as I work with students in cyber chat.

For tomorrow -- for this morning -- okay... for this day -- okay.

Buenos Noches, y vaya con Dios...



February 20, '03 -- 1:444447pm (MDT)

To continue -- just to add this note:

Thanks for all the cards and letters, folks. We'll be getting our act together, and you'll be able to reach us, through the duct-tape and plastic sheeting. That reminds me of a joke about West Virginians. You see, the toll booths keep breaking down on the W. Va. turnpikes. It turns out the duct-tape holding the two dimes and the nickel together was jamming the coin operator. Thanks for supporting virtual comedy. I'm outa here! Good afternoon, and remember... "When you're out on your bike tonight, wear white!" Thank you! Thank you!


~~ This is RJ... friend and lover... ~~

This is the woman I love. It is because of her that I often write, not always sure of what it is for which I'm striving (to be heard, or to hear/read myself?). I hope it's neither of these reasons. After all... I'm not a philosopher, I'm not well versed in "the ways of the world" (except, perhaps, in terms of debauchery -- hahaha). It remains to be seen. In the meantime... this is the woman I love, and will love, as best I know how, for the rest of my life.

~~ RJ Says... ~~

~~ This is Renee's Section... to write as she pleases ~~

Renee, you can add to this section. This is your section. Then, we can build "family links," etc., with the next section, or... whatever. Or... you can use the section above, in which I've already written about you, or... whatever ;-)

Te amora, mi corazon... mi florita, que bonita y duclce!